19DV Centrifugal Chiller

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AquaEdge with PUREtec refrigerant and Greenspeed intelligence, the new generation of chillers, to deliver higher reliability, efficiency and sustainability, and to make the world a better place to live today and for the benefit of future generations.








swift restart


harmonic filter

Refrigerant lubrication

by ceramic bearing system

The refrigerant lubrication for the ceramic bearing system deals with oil related failures and cuts down maintenance expense. Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies ensure that ceramic bearings are the ideal solution for this kind of lubrication, which includes high-nitrogen steel with excellent toughness, a ceramic rolling element with smooth surface and a glass fiber reinforced PEEK cage. The simple structure with less hardware means more reliable operation at all times.

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EquiDrive compressor

enables robust and high efficient operation

The advanced back-to-back two-stage compressor design naturally balances both radial and axial thrusts on a single shaft and features a simplified system with 30% less hardware, reducing mechanical losses. Dual IGVs and precise VFD control ensure stable operation at all times, even down to 10% part load. This multipoint control delivers a broad operating envelope while maintaining the highest level of efficiency in the harshest conditions. 




low load


less hardware

Falling film evaporator

with low GWP R-1233zd(E)

The Carrier pioneer falling film evaporator designed for low pressure refrigerant increases a heat transferring efficiency by 15% by mitigating the submergence effect in flooded type. The 3D hatched tubing also reduces the heat transfer resistance optimally. The efficiency deterioration caused by oil also disappeared.




higher heat

transfer efficiency   






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SmartView control

everything at your fingertips

Equipped with a 10.4” high resolution colored touch screen, the 19DV chillers are able to deliver comprehensible information in a very efficient and secure manner for the smooth running of daily activities and periodic maintenance. The multiple access methods for remote control present the user with a flexible way to monitor and control the chillers at any place and time. With intelligent SmartViewTM control, the 19DV is able to restart the compressor within just 30 seconds (with UPS) after the power recovers.




quick restart


user interface


remote control protocols

PURETec refrigerant

with low Global Warming Potential

Carrier’s range of low (<150) Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants includes PUREtec R-1233zd(E), the low GWP of ~1, non-flammable and non-toxic solution that provides a safe and environmentally sustainable product which is an efficient replacement for R123, as suggested the US Environment Protection Agency. In addition to using an excellent refrigerant, the falling film evaporator also means the 19DV chiller uses less refrigerant.