Thinking Ahead

AquaEdge 19PV

Carrier’s AquaEdge 19PV magnetic bearing chiller represents our commitment to thinking ahead of our customers and catering to their needs with our exceptional innovations and perfections. Incorporating the magnetic bearing compressor, GreenSpeed intelligence, optimized heat exchanger, and sophisticated system design, the 19PV chiller is a comprehensive solution that is tailored to our customer needs of quiet workplace, smart operation, peaceful mind and easy installation.








sound level


min. width

Quiet work place

With enhanced noise insulation, optimized compressor design and improved vibration isolation, AquaEdge 19PV features a number of innovative components bringing along exceptional acoustic performance down to 73dB(A). Ideal for hospitality and health care industries.




of friction




to acoustic design

Smart operation

AquaEdge 19PV enhances the energy management performance and efficiency of buildings with its robust and distinct features such as magnetic bearing compressor, optimized heat exchanger and sophisticated system design and control. With convenient chiller local controller, remote connectivity to Building Automation System, and optional cloud-based Smart Service, AquaEdge 19PV offers unparalleled user experience and opportunities for data-based energy consumption analysis.




mechanical loss


at 25% load


connectivity to BAS

Peace of mind

AquaEdge 19PV with rigorous factory test before shipment provides comprehensive protection functionalities against the expected and unexpected, making fewer failures with reduced components and no oil-related maintenance. The AquaEdge 19PV allows you to enjoy safe and secured chiller operation at any moment.




 inrush current


maintenance efforts


water flow change per minute

Ease of installation

The AquaEdge 19PV is built to addresses all the technical and installation challenges that you face. The 19PV can be easily placed on field with convenience of smaller chiller width and footprint that is respectively 1.3 meters and 5.5 square meters at maximum, while reducing efforts on lifting chillers by lighter compressor. The 19PV offers main circuit breaker for operational safety interlocked with high trip capacity. Victaulic connections of water pipe and customized passes & water pipe configuration further accentuate the benefits of compact design.  




passes & water pipe configuration


circuit breaker