19XR Two Stage

Big Things

Carrier AquaEdge 19XR Chillers feature state-of-the-art two-stage compressors optimized with dynamic simulation technologies and intermediate economizer. With an advanced PIC5 color touch screen intelligent control and improved heat transfer tubes, 19XR chiller delivers superior performance.


19XR chillers are ideal for versatile applications in district cooling or heating, airports, large commercial buildings, data centers and process cooling. 19XR chillers are set to support urbanization and green building development. When you turn to the company that invented the industry, you can always expect BIG things. 




single compressor


@AHRI condition


leaving water


at full load






High reliability

The chiller designed by methods of computational fluid dynamics reduces the number of aero parts. The semi-hermetic compressors and refrigerant cooled hermetic motor design eliminates the risk of refrigerant and oil leakages from shaft seals and reliability loss due to coupling design, as well as expensive replacement of consumable parts.


Outstanding performance

Integration with an intermediate economizer realizes inter-stage gas supplement, which improves system efficiency. At part loads, the optimized inlet guide vane leads to effective intake resistance reduction and minimized energy loss during load changing.


Wider operation range

With multiple impellers and gear codes, 19XR chiller flexibly adapts to changing operational conditions. The leaving water temperature can reach lowest to -6℃ for rapid ice making.





10.5” color touch screen and graphical user interface are designed for high-class user friendly experience. Multiple chillers can be easily united and controlled by i-Vu® Control Network. Seamless connection with BA system supports versatile communication protocols.

Versatility boots green
city building


19XR two-stage centrifugal chillers are designed for diverse applications like district cooling or heating, airports, large commercial complex, data centers and process cooling etc.